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Your research is complicated— managing it shouldn’t be

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Keeping track of mRNA data, DNA data, Westerns, microscopy images, protocols, inventory, manuscripts and presentations is difficult when you’re busy doing your research.

A simple solution to a messy problem

Nebulab allows you to add meaningful context to your files making them easier to search for and smarter when shared.

Intelligible files

Give your files valuable context by easily adding tags, comments, links or attachments.

Smarter search

Forgot a file’s name? No problem. Now you can search for files using file names, tags, or even words included in comments.

Make sharing easier

Easily share files and their context directly from Nebulab and let collaborators leave comments on your file’s comment thread.

Use your existing storage

Nebulab does not store your files. Instead, we send all files uploaded through Nebulab directly to your cloud drives. This means Nebulab gives you full control of your files and is risk-free if you ever stop using our services.

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